Reposting stories

It has seemed for a while like my LJ posts are not read by too many people (and, so, this one is probably also not being read, LOL) and I have been trying to repost some of my older work on an archive site....but, sadly, the canon ones seem to be withering.   I'm too frustrated with them to keep banging my head on my desk, so I'm boldly wading into the skeery den of crazy.   

I'll cross post new stuff here as well, but in the meantime, if you are interested in rereading some old MaybeOnce stuff, you can check it out here on 

POTTERMORE--new names added!

Finally in today!   W00t!  

The goods?  

I am MagicSun176.   I have some of you friended, but want to nickname you with your LJ name,   (I keep adding names to this list...please reply with your name so I can friend you back!   Or, if you haven't friended me, let me know who you are so we can hook up!

NoxHolly202  -- FOUND IT!   This one is TMBlue, who I'm hoping was too busy writing fanfic to reply!:)

I know I've seen some of  those names back when we first preregistered, but I'm not remembering!

The Wand?   14 1/2 inch (DAYUM) Laurel with Unicorn Hair -- Supple   Not sure how to look up the Wandlore for it, yet.

Just finished the Sorting, and my years of self-assessment were apparently correct.   My obnoxiousness and tendency to look fabulous in red have put me in

GRYFFINDOR, BABY.  Time to get me some new icons!

An aside:   I accidentally bought the wrong pet.   I have an owl, which is totally cool, but I kind of wanted a Siamese Cat, because that was my first ever childhood pet.   Oh, well.  

In other news, I'm charmed by the graphics and adorably clever JKR-written backstory.   It's those witty, whimsical little details that I've missed for the last 4 years!


Thank you to all my enabling friends who gave me advice on Pottermore....I hereby announce that I am


which, I note, I partially selected because my Flist had me thinking about the cool jewelry I could get in that theme.   Plus, one of you already has a WizardFirebolt name and I didn't want to overlap.  :)

Thanks, awesome people!

PS:  As far as I know, it's still open.   No quill appeared on the Sony page, even when I refreshed.   My DD cracked it, she just retyped the addy, and got right to the registration page.  Try that!


Smokin' Crack

In this, the holiest month of OMG LAST HP MOVIE EVAR, I am the Ron/Hermione flyer on the crack_broom .   Despite my formatting idiocy, I'll encourage you all to check out and enjoy my recommended stories!  

Check it out, yo.

In other HP movie news, Dan Radcliffe has grown immeasurably in my esteem because of his work with The Trevor Project.   See here how awesome he is.   Yeay, DanRad.  

In lighter news, this is funny. Go to the slideshow for some silliness.