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POTTERMORE--new names added!

Finally in today!   W00t!  

The goods?  

I am MagicSun176.   I have some of you friended, but want to nickname you with your LJ name,   (I keep adding names to this list...please reply with your name so I can friend you back!   Or, if you haven't friended me, let me know who you are so we can hook up!

NoxHolly202  -- FOUND IT!   This one is TMBlue, who I'm hoping was too busy writing fanfic to reply!:)

I know I've seen some of  those names back when we first preregistered, but I'm not remembering!

The Wand?   14 1/2 inch (DAYUM) Laurel with Unicorn Hair -- Supple   Not sure how to look up the Wandlore for it, yet.

Just finished the Sorting, and my years of self-assessment were apparently correct.   My obnoxiousness and tendency to look fabulous in red have put me in

GRYFFINDOR, BABY.  Time to get me some new icons!

An aside:   I accidentally bought the wrong pet.   I have an owl, which is totally cool, but I kind of wanted a Siamese Cat, because that was my first ever childhood pet.   Oh, well.  

In other news, I'm charmed by the graphics and adorably clever JKR-written backstory.   It's those witty, whimsical little details that I've missed for the last 4 years!
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