AHA!   Finally, I am free from being lousy to the fabulous urbanmama1 , who generously made a donation to the HP Alliance  (check out some of the truly excellent work being done by Harry Potter fans around the world!) in exchange for a "second kiss" fic from me...It's not quite 6 months later, so I now only partially suck.   Here it is, my dear, I hope it pleases you!   Thanks for using your generosity as a way to encourage more fic!  No warnings, unless snogging offends.   If snogging offends, then why are you here?
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Stupid random post

Our Leopard gecko, which has been with us for 4.5 years, escaped outdoors today.   She was my daughter's "please adjust to the move" gift when we first got here when she was just out of 2nd grade.   Now she's in 7th, and cried all afternoon, because that little bitch of a lizard decided to make a break for it. 

The gecko was only out of her regular tank because she was visiting middle daughter's 3rd grade class, and SHE now wants to sell her toys to buy a new gecko for her sister.

In short:   My kids are sweet, life can suck.

F You, Britain.

...for sending us Piers Morgan.   What a tool.   I turned on my television this morning and had to suffer through a SUBSTANTIAL amount of that twat's ramblings before I finally found the remote and switched to BBC America.

Sending that idiot over here surely must be an Act of War.  Even Cat Deeley couldn't make him bearable.

I has a Sad.

Elizabeth Sladen, dead at 63

RIP, Sarah Jane.  

A talented and classy lady who brought the Dr. Who franchise into the 20th century with regards to its view on women.   Sarah Jane was clever and strong and her character made the ultimate sci fi TV show accessible to all of us. 

In recent years, I've loved watching The Sarah Jane Adventures with my kids.   I'm a bit of a WhoNerd, and I have to say I've never heard a single word against Ms. Sladen.   She'll be missed.   Condolences to her family.

I iz late and other stuff

First of all, you are all awesone and so nice for voting for my humble fics in the 2010 R/Hr awards. I love the pairing and have used these awards as a rec list for years, so I'm very thrilled to have one of my fics among the winners, and others among the nominees!

Edited to add this, as Miss Daizy pointed out that I missed this!

In other news: Fic for urbanmama about the R/Hr second kiss? Coming up in the next day. Smutfest fic? Soon after? Canon fest? Due about now...and still with ZERO INSPIRATION! >INSERT BAD WORDS HERE


>Insert incomprehesible ranting and raving here.<

I am so fucking angry right now, I can't even...

And, the added delight is that I'm on a multi-deadline crunch right now and a CERTAIN SOMEONE is pissing me off to the degree that I can't even think straight, nevermind compose a coherent statement about 1) Eldercare 2) Ron and Hermione's second kiss 3) my smutfest piece, which is already written in my head.

This is a shameless plea for all of my flist to soothe my ego in the comments. HAVE AT IT.
Michael Scott Loves It!

I'm on deadline, and thus, I babble.

First of all, I'd like to say this....



Also, yesterday the Dr. Who Season 5 soundtrack was finally available to US buyers. Yeay! I now have "Onwards!" blasting out as my daughter's ringtone. She says she likes to walk down the hallway at school with great drama, imagining it blasting behind her as her theme tune. I heart my nerdlet.

I got to while away my paid-gig writing time today catching up on the R/Hr awards nominees. You guys are awesome.

Somebody rec me something new. I knew it had gotten bad when I started to go to regularly, REALLY bad when I clicked on some of the stories that have "Ron calls Hermione a fat mudblood and cheats with lavenderr, then hermione starts cutting and gets anerexya, Happy ending, I promiss, but I wont update unless you review, oops study hall is over gotta go KTHXBAI!" (I backed out of that hell right away, it hasn't gotten THAT bad, FFS!)

Mmmmm. More drinky......



Note to self:

The authors warn you. They say "angst" and "incomplete."

Stop torturing yourself. No matter how desperate you are for some fic, DO NOT CLICK.

Also: How stupid is it that I have trouble sleeping after reading certain kinds of angsty cliffhangers in long WIPs? Seriously, self. Get a grip.